How It Began

Sharon as a little one: I wanted to rent a limo for my 12th birthday. My mom said, “you earn the $150, and I'll rent the limo.” I grabbed a mason jar, and duct taped it shut, cut a hole in the lid. Off I went babysitting, selling homemade stickers and cleaning neighbors kitchens. Let’s just say I got that limo. I was bit by the business bug!

Sharon today: Working at a large firm, that catered to other large firms, I received requests from many small to medium businesses looking for similar support. Unfortunately firms are not known to reduce their billable rates. Large enterprises can easily afford $200 - 400 an hour for consulting projects, but many growing businesses cannot.

I watched “big” brands grow bigger, while smaller businesses struggled to get the expert support they deserved. That’s when I decided to work direct with businesses offering much needed Business Operational  + HR support.

My rates are low, but my rates do not discredit my experience. They just confirm the passion I have for the world of business and those who take the risk to create.

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My focus is on Business Operations, and a huge part of that is the People component of the organization. People are truly the company’s biggest asset, it managed properly.

My work has spanned 15-years in diverse industries such as retail, healthcare, music, manufacturing, restaurants, e-commerce, and technology. My clients have ranged from existing business to new founded startups. 

I'm an expert at finding streamlined solutions to resolve complex organizational hurdles, bottlenecks, and communication loops. Building strong financial oversight is a critical component of my work.  I also have a focus on the people and the process of the operational structures. I know, first hand, the time and resources involved to start and run a successful business. My experience has allowed me to help business leaders and executives launch, scale, or tackle operational gaps or identify growth opportunities. 

My hands-on experience, along with a B.S. in Organizational Behavior and Leadership, has allowed me to mentor and support growing ventures by executing strategic, realistic solutions, with a transparent but empathetic approach. I like to build a relationship with you and your organization. My goal is to help you grow. 


Education + Experience 

B.S., Organizational Behavior & Leadership


Certificates + Special Courses

  • SHRM - SCP Certification Preparation 2017

  • Mills College - Growth Strategies 8 Factors Certificate 2017

  • SFDHR Training - Crucial Conversation Certificate 2015

  • Small Business Admin - Annual Federal/State Basic Payroll Tax Seminar Annually

Activities & Affiliations

  • SF HR Hospitality,Co-founder

  • SHRM Member

CLIENTS:, Ever Well Health, Deflina Restaurant Group, Peoplescape, Mercer Consulting, Thistle and Hazel, Heather Llyod UX Consulting, Softbaby Clothing NY; list not all inclusive…


SAP, ADP EZ-Labor + HRB + Shopify + + Payroll + E-Verify + Bamboo HR + Xero + Etech inventory + Micros + Aloha + Illustrator + Open Table client dashboard, Squarespace + Mail Chimp + Isolved + Photoshop + CTUIT, People Soft + Payroll Systems + Ease Central + Google enterprise software tools + Word Press + Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications on both Mac and PC platforms.