Helping People and Organizations Work Better Together.

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I support growing organizations, teams, leaders, and consultants to define growth opportunities in people focused operational needs, using System Wide Thinking. This is done by implementing best practice Human Resource solutions, while keeping in mind there are no “one size fits all” solutions.

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What Is: People + Operations

“People Ops.” is a newer trending phrase in the world of business. This concept is similar to Human Resources (HR) but with a focus on how businesses and their employees can run fluidly together. HR has a history of being complaint focused, where People Ops. has a drive to be more holistic in the approach of managing and balancing people and organization needs.

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The Benefits of Joining a Business Group

Group work is a powerful way to get the support you need at a fraction of the cost. Groups still focus on individual needs while also allowing clients to get feedback and support in a safe and constructive group setting.

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People + Business

Why I do, what I do…


“Stakeholders make up a company. They include all the people who impact and are impacted by a business. We must honor them as people first before treating them according to the role they happen to be playing.” 

John E. Mackey (Whole Foods)

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Want to hear what clients are saying?

I value my relationships with my clients. Many become friends. From a small one person show to organizations with 500 + employees, each are treated the same.