Take the plunge ....

Starting your own business can be tough. There are the well-known obstacles of “how to make money come in” but then there are also the ones we don't necessarily talk about, such as “what if money comes in and this succeeds?”. Fear of succeeding is real. The pressure can feel overwhelming. 

I work with small business owners who took the steps to walk the corporate plank, and jumped into working for themselves. I admire their drive and passion daily. I had to make the walk myself. It doesn’t mean the fear isn’t there, but we do our best to walk into the fear, with fists held high, ready for challenges and rewards.  

Each entrepreneur has their own drive to take the plunge, from creating a new product, helping individuals/ businesses with a valuable service. the dream of being the next Richard Branson, and owning a private island.We all have different motivations.

Now owning a business is not everyone’s dream. I am acutely aware of the comfort and stable feeling when working for someone else. The, mostly, guaranteed paycheck, better health benefits, not working 24/7 which is required when owning your own business, and having a group of people you work and collaborate with that can sometimes become family. Being a small business owner can feel isolating at times. 

For those that want to throw caution to the wind and try something, a bit akin to jumping out of an airplane, own business. It is scary, no doubt about that, and who knows you might not get that private plane, but you took a risk on yourself. You betted on the one person you should be betting on.  

Gambling is scary though. Do what feels right, but know that life is full of unknowns, if you work for yourself or others. I'm rooting for you!