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PROJECT PRICING - I believe in full transparency. Knowing costs upfront help you plan your initiatives.

HR - Business and individual services - starting at $90/hour - two hour minimum

Daily Rate: $600

Weekly Rate: $2,700

Monthly Rate: $11,250


PEOPLE + PROCESS - Recruitment & Org Planning

Variable hourly rate  The experience of recruiting a new employee through the entire life-cycle of their time at your business directly affects retention rates. Our goal is to work together with your team to find the right people for the right positions, while nurturing them along the way.

PEOPLE - Performance Plans Coaching

Variable hourly rate from $90 - $125 — The performance action plan is a tool to give an employee struggling with performance the opportunity to succeed. It may be used to address failures to meet specific job goals or to empathize and discuss the behavior-related concerns.

PEOPLE - Coaching or Conflict Resolution

Variable hourly rate from $90 - $125 Tough conversations are, tough. Let me help a leader in your organization work through a personnel situation. I can be a mediator to build empathetic coaching techniques to help conversations progress.

PROCESS - HRIS & Records Audit

Variable hourly rate from $90 - $125 Spring cleaning is important any time of the year. The administrative side of HR can feel overwhelming. Let me help you clean things up or automate your process, so you can focus on the part you like: your vision.

SPECIAL PROJECTS - People or Process

$115/hour Do you have a People or Process business hurdle that you need to brainstorm or tackle? Did you lose your HR person and need someone to step in while you rehire? Do you just need to a Robin to your Batman on a project? I can help.